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VNPA Park Watch magazine, March 2012
Darebin Parklands: Escaping the Claws of the Machine
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Tipping Point, The Age Urban Legends column, 12 November 2011
In a city that has happily trashed itself for decades, one community was determined to clean up its act and help nature reclaim itself from rubbuish, writes Jenny Brown.
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The Age 21 September 2011
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The Age 21 September2011

How 'mother of the park' helped grow a suburban oasis from a tip

By Carolyn Webb


Northcote Leader 2 March 2011
Parklands Need Care
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Northcote Leader 16 March 2011
Egging on Young in Games Scramble
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Northcote Leader 26 June 2007
Koalas Return to Parklands
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Northcote Leader 12 July 2005
Creek Signs Put Culprits on Notice
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Melbourne Times 26 November 2003
No More Pussyfooting Around (page 1)
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Melbourne Times 26 November 2003
No More Pussyfooting Around (page 2)
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The Heidelberger, 1973 - Premier Impressed by Parklands
Here's one from the archives! Former Premier Sir Rupert Hamer's visit to the parklands in 1973
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